Project Management
Putting plans in to practice successfully is usually highly dependent on strong project and programme management skills and experience to ensure timely delivery with the minimum of risk.

Our experience has shown that key projects and complex programmes - whether they are strategic plans, change plans, mergers, system plans or project plans - need the full-time focus and undivided attention of people with such skills - they cannot be managed effectively on a part-time basis by line managers in tandem with their 'day jobs'. More and more, organisations are turning to such individuals to manage these key business initiatives and are recognising that they make a significant contribution to their success. By the same token, individuals with these skills and experience tend to be in short supply whilst demand for them is increasing.

This is an area in which we can help. We have a number of consultants who are highly skilled and experienced project and programme managers, capable of bringing the necessary structure and disciplines to help bring your key business projects and programmes to fruition. Their experience includes managing the launch of a new company, post merger integration, major process and culture change programmes, new product and distribution channel launches, and numerous other key projects.

Our aim is not to take over and run your projects and programmes in entirety. Our approach is to work with your own teams and to provide the necessary skills and experience where appropriate, with the aim of passing those skills on to your staff. So, whilst we may take a lead role in some projects as project and programme managers, they remain your projects under your overall executive control.

And, whilst we are happy to take a lead role in projects where required, these same skills are often invaluable in reviewing and troubleshooting key projects which may not appear to be going fully to plan. Independent reviews of such projects can help to identify areas of risk or threat and provide recommended remedial action

We can help you to plan, manage and implement any programmes but you must invest sufficient time and senior resource to own the project and make the programmes happen.

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