Julie Mabberley

Julie Mabberley is Chairman and Managing Director of Global FS Limited.

Prior to this she was a management consultant with the PwC Consulting Financial Services Practice specialising in management information in the financial sector. During this time she has worked for banks and insurance companies in Canada, USA, Australia, Japan, South America and Europe and is a world authority in profitability/performance measurement in financial institutions.

She has worked as project manager or subject matter expert on numerous projects relating to the design, specification and implementation of management information, performance management and costing systems in a variety of industries including FMCG, Banking, Insurance and Investment Management.

She has also performed strategic reviews of the core competencies and ways in which they could be used to maximise shareholder value as well as reviews of current organisation and operating procedures, providing recommendations for improvements in organisational efficiency and the need of both short and longer term automation.

She has been a regular lecturer for Euromoney and various accountancy bodies and conference organisers on cost management and profit improvement.

She has written three books: "Activity-based Costing in Financial Institutions", "Managing the Future in Financial Institutions" and "Activity Based Costing; Second Edition", all published by Pearson Professional Publishing in the UK.

Activity Based Costing; Second Edition, is a practical guide to identifying the relationships between specific products, activities and costs. This pre-eminent book demonstrates that arbitrary cuts in the cost base do not necessarily lead automatically to increased profitability. It suggests that it is more important to understand why costs are incurred, than just their magnitude.

"Managing the Future" discusses the profound changes affecting industry, the need for better management information to support the decision making necessary within this environment and presents tools to assist in the development of the information.

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