An Approach to Cultural Change and Communication

An approach to cultural change and communication needs to be included in any transformation programme.

It needs to be linked closely to other parts of the programme but must consider the detailed stakeholder management tasks and incorporate enablers and relevant communication for each stakeholder group. The checklist shown below shows the key tasks which must be included.

  • Identify key stakeholders.
  • Collect and analyse the positions, and educate key stakeholders on the transformation strategy.
  • Determine cultural and stakeholder obstacles, enablers and gaps in the transformation initiative.
  • Develop plan for management of key stakeholders to facilitate change.
  • Develop cultural change plan to address gaps and achieve desired culture.
  • Assess current communications processes and roles and responsibilities.
  • Determine communication strategy to take advantage of the client's communication environment and culture.
  • Build a tactical communications plan.
  • Initiate the communications strategy and plan activities.

As a result of these tasks, these deliverables should be incorporated into the transformation programme and the actions included in the change plan and communications plan should be monitored and the plans updated throughout the programme based on stakeholder feedback.

  • Cultural assessment
  • Communications strategy
  • Cultural change plan
  • Communications plan

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