Frank Ashton

Frank Ashton is an experienced programme manager with significant experience in the design, specification and implementation of management information and costing systems. He has extensive experience of business change, project delivery, system migration, reporting processes, IT management, compliance and due diligence initiatives in a range of projects across diverse industries.

He has recently provided post-deal support for a MBO team in developing and rolling out a new strategy, assisted in developing a new board pack and supported another MBO team in process improvement and change management.

Frank's assignments include:

  • Working with the CEO and COO to develop and implement a new business information system including a new board report and KPIs for a major UK food producer.
  • Developed, won and led operational due diligence work (ODD) in consumer products, services and manufacturing industries, covering cost reduction, working capital and plant relocation issues  
  • Project Director on a process-based cost reduction diagnostic for a global aerospace and defence corporation  
  • Senior member of the team developing processes and systems for cost management in a major truck manufacturer in Italy  
  • Implemented activity-based cost management at a very large UK utility company  
  • Workstream manager responsible for developing global blueprint for activity-based management accounting system in a major Swiss universal bank  
  • Project manager on a major activity-based product costing job in a large UK retail bank covering more than 600m expenses and 400 branches  
  • Developed an activity-based costing system at a major can manufacturer, which showed that some "profitable" product-customer combinations were large loss-makers
  • Managed EMEA development and implementation of a value-based balanced scorecard and also developed a shareholder value-based assessment process of the whole of a global CPG company
  • Managed the activity-based component of a world class financials programme in a large multi-national pharmaceuticals company in Denmark.

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