Alan Girling

Alan Girling is a highly experienced consultant and manager with over 30 years' experience in IT and Financial Services, primarily in the insurance sector. He has worked with many UK-based clients, and also with organisations in Western Europe, South Africa, Asia and North America.

Most recently, Alan was part of the Executive Management Team of a new Internet-based general insurance company, where he programme-managed the successful launch of the new company, for which he then went on to manage the 100-strong IT department for 3 years. He introduced a project management process for the new company, and developed a business planning process which mapped out a route from the overall strategy through to the prioritisation of individual business projects.

For the majority of Alan's consulting career, he has combined his IT management skills and disciplines with the business experience he has gained to bring practical, hands-on business programme management to financial services clients. The high IT dependency usually found in such programmes has meant that Alan has kept his IT management skills well honed.

Included among Alan's programme management consulting achievements are:

  • Management of the merger of the general insurance businesses of two major UK insurers. 
  • Transformation of the IT Services Group of a leading UK composite insurer into a customer-facing, commercially oriented operation.
  • Implementation and integration of a new system into an existing direct insurance business, based on the principle of changing the business processes rather than the system.
  • Evaluation of the options for putting the same system into 5 countries in south-east Asia, using the same principle. 
  • Adoption of a common global approach to systems integration following the merger of two UK-based international insurers.
  • Re-structuring of the IT department of a UK composite insurer (during a long secondment as IT Director). 

Included among other consulting assignments Alan has conducted are: project reviews and troubleshooting for a variety of financial services organisations; IT strategy work at UK and Global levels; the launch of new insurance products, both life and general, across different channels; and work for the European Commission to introduce Bankers and Academics from the Republic of China to European Banking techniques and systems.

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