Nick Willmer

Nick has worked in Banking since 1973 and is an experienced project manager and training consultant. He has over 20 years' experience of activity based management, through activity based costing, profitability information, cost management exercises and process redesign. He advises banks, insurance companies and software houses on cost management and financial information and has performed assignments across Europe, the Middle-East, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

He is a trained Organisation & Methods analyst, and has been responsible for business process redesign involving both clerical and computerised systems. He has also carried out several overhead cost management exercises in private, retail and merchant banking.

Nick was responsible for establishing a new product/customer profitability information system in a leading UK private bank. This included the definition of products and customer segments, the implementation of activity based costing, the specification and implementation of the profitability measurement system. He was responsible for systems planning, development and maintenance at a major UK Merchant Bank and built their management information systems. He was also responsible for merging the management information systems functions of three companies during the creation of an Investment Banking group. He has also planned the restructuring of a bank's Finance function and guided its implementation. This included the implementation of a new General Ledger and new budgeting systems.

Nick directs courses and lectures regularly on profitability and cost management for Euromoney, the Institute of Chartered Accountants and other international organisations and has written and presented business simulations for the UK government science research councils and the Department of Trade & Industry. He has also prepared case studies on finance and account for a number of organisations.

Nick has 15 years' line management experience in banking, covering private, merchant, retail/corporate and wholesale/international management experience in Financial Control, I.T. and back office functions in a number of UK banks including Coutts, Midland Bank and Samuel Montague.

Nick worked with Julie Mabberley as technical editor of a number of books on the subject of management information in financial institutions. The books currently in print are:
- Activity-based Costing in Financial Institutions - How to support Value-based Management and Manage Your Resources Effectively (Second Edition)
- Managing the Future in Financial Institutions - Meeting the Challenge with Better Information

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