Integrated Systems

The key to effective management information is a single source of data. One data warehouse supporting a business intelligence solution.

Typically financial institutions have a number of disparate systems (some custom built and some packages) which have tenuous linkages and duplicate or inconsistent data.

A good management information system is one that brings together the base data from all these systems into one common place and enables calculations to be performed and data to be interrogated in consistent ways. It will not replace any of the core systems but will supplement them providing information to support management through:

  1. The provision of historical information to support planning and a place to store budgets, plans and forecasts
  2. A way of analysing resources and managing business processes through activity based management
  3. The ability to link all activity by customer and to provide information to support customer management
  4. The means to review costs, revenues, balances, channel utilisation and business processes to provide product profitability information.
  5. The means to measure and monitor activity throughout the organisation and to compare it to budgets, plans and targets to support performance management.

We can help with the specification and design of this integrated information strategy.

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