Developing Product Costs - Case Studies

We have worked with a number of clients to develop product costs. Our assistance is most useful in a number of areas including:

  • defining products and services
  • developing costing principles
  • selecting costing systems 
  • developing component costs (usually, but not exclusively based on activity based costing)
  • designing reports
  • training users
  • providing a post implementation review of the project 

For a major UK investment management client, we developed the costing model to enable the company to calculate the full cost of managing funds and investment portfolios. This included the definition of the components to be developed as the basis for the costing system and agreement of the costing principles to be used.  We then advised the client project team as they built the costing models.

For a large Turkish retail bank, we acted as subject matter experts to their project team to assist in the definition of products and the development of the underlying activity based costing model.

For a UK credit card company, we advised the project team on the definition of products and services, and the development of costs for acquiring and issuance.

For a major telecom company, we advised the project team on the definition of products, components and services to be costed to enable them to define the lowest level of costing data required for flexible market pricing.

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