Kaizen means improvement.

Kaizen is a Japanese management technique based on gradual, unending improvement, doing little things better, setting and achieving ever higher standards. The Kaizen management style starts with the recognition that any corporation has problems and can only solve these problems by first establishing a culture in which employees can freely admit that these problems exist. This concept is key to any process improvement

Underlying the Kaizen strategy is the premise that management must satisfy customer needs if the organisation is to succeed. Improvements in quality, cost efficiency and scheduling are essential. Kaizen has generated a process-oriented way of thinking and a management system that supports efforts for improvement. It differs from most western practices in that it rewards the effort made, not just the results generated, and therefore encourages innovation and ideas that are worth testing as well as those that guarantee success.

The message of the Kaizen approach is that not a day should go by without some kind of improvement being made somewhere in the company. The approach incorporates all kinds of improvement techniques including Total Quality Management and Just In Time as described in a following section

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