Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management is one of the American techniques based on Kaizen. Historically the key objective of managers in western organisations has been to enhance the profits of their organisations and to grow the value of the business for the shareholders.

The core focus of the TQM approach is enhancing customer satisfaction, driving for continuous improvement and motivating all employees to contribute proactively to this. It highlights a need for a customer oriented approach to management, thus moving away from many of our traditional practices.

TQM pursues increases in customer satisfaction by identifying and eliminating factors that limit current performance. It requires a team approach and requires a good understanding of activities and processes within the organisation as outlined above. It typically gets all employees involved in continuous improvement programs.

A TQM initiative should result in the elimination of non-value adding activities, improvement in quality of products and services, identification of areas where improvements in efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved and implementation of a continuous improvement culture. The results can be measured by using activity costs to quantify the expected improvements in cost efficiency and customer satisfaction surveys to evaluate the benefits obtained in quality.

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