Strategic Planning Workshops

A strategic plan depends on knowing where the organisation is and where it wants to go.

Our workshops can help you to clarify the current position of the organisation based on a combination of analysing the internal competencies and strengths and weaknesses of the organisation.

We can also work with the workshop participants to build the SWOT analysis of the financial services market, understanding the dynamics of the customer base and the competition.

This analysis, together with your business strategy, can then be used by the participants of the workshop to develop the outline of the strategic plan.

We recommend that this workshop be restricted to senior members of your management team and that it take place away from their normal office environment.

Topics which could be included in a strategic planning workshop include:

  1. Documenting a strategy
  2. Articulating Mission, Vision, and Values
  3. Assessing the Situation
  4. Understanding Competencies
  5. Developing a SWOT analysis
  6. Determining Strategies, Goals, and Objectives
  7. Agreeing programs and priorities
  8. Communicating Objectives
  9. Turning Plans into Action

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