4 Day Profit Management Programme

In a Profit Management Programme we aim to introduce many of the profit improvement techniques and review their applicability in your organisation.

Day 1
  - Trends and developments
  - The key to profitability
  - Improving long-term value
  Activity-based Costing
  The best foundation for cost management
  - What it is and how it is used
  - Identifying activities at different levels
  - Calculating activity costs
  Managing Overheads
  Overheads are a constant headache……
  - Assessing value
  - Classifying activities
  - Optimising cost focus
  - Cost reduction exercises
Day 2
  Process Improvement
  Efficiency vs effectiveness
  - Defining objectives
  - The scope of change
  - Evaluating existing processes
  - Effecting changes
  Cost Allocation
  When is cost allocation beneficial?
  - Establishing aims
  - Deciding the appropriate approach
  Funding Cost
  - Relating sources of funds to uses
  Product & Customer Profitability
  Which products and customers make money?
  - Linking cost to income
  - Determining profitability
  - Using the information
Day 3
  Strategic Cost Management
  Change as the only constant….
  - The value chain
  - Mergers and acquisitions
  - Shareholder value
  Performance Measurement
  What gets measured gets done…..
  - Selecting appropriate targets
  - Improvement through motivation
  - The "balanced scorecard" approach
  Budgets take time… do yours help your business?
  - Methods of budgeting
  - Creating an effective management tool
Day 4
  Implementation Issues
  Theory is not enough… it has to work in practice
  - Information project planning and management
  - Obtaining adequate support and resource
  - Overcoming obstacles
  - The importance of communication
  Course Review & Summary

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