Project Management Programme

Research shows that 80% of IT projects lasting more than six months fail. This is often because the organisation changes and the deliverables of the project no longer meet the needs of the changed organisation. It is important therefore that projects are kept as short and crisp as possible and can adapt to changes in the organisation if necessary.

With any project, it is important to have five key components to help ensure success. These are:

  1. Sponsorship at a senior level within the organisation 
  2. A strong enthusiastic project team with knowledge of the organisation 
  3. Knowledge and experience of the particular type of project
  4. Good project management and 
  5. A tried and tested methodology.

A structured project management approach provides a framework for implementing the operational and technological changes required to implement an organisation's strategies and achieve competitive advantage. An important part of any change programme is managing the impact of the change on people.

An information project affects all departments and employees within the scope of the study. The planning and communication before, during and after the project will have a major impact on its success.

Topics which could be included in a project management programme include:

  • Agreeing project objectives and scope
  • Obtaining a strong sponsor
  • Appointing a steering team
  • Building a project team
  • Involving people
  • Communication planning
  • Developing the project infrastructure
  • Project management tools 
  • Planning and managing tasks
  • Managing change 
  • Transition management 
  • Project reporting 
  • Managing to deadlines 
  • Testing techniques 
  • The importance of training 
  • Learning to listen 
  • Communicating results

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