Julian Haines

An experienced IT Director with broadly based Financial Services and banking management experience and a portfolio which includes extensive consultancy, project management and IT outsourcing skills:

Wide experience in Financial Services
Over 20 years in the financial services industry including experience as an executive of a retail bank with 600 branches; as an executive of an Industrial Branch Insurance company with around 250 branches and over 4000 direct agents; and as a senior manager in Price Waterhouse management consultants

Delivery of major business change programmes
Responsible for implementation of a number of major change programmes several with budgets in excess of 30m in insurance companies and banks including automation of direct sales force and the automation of the collecting agents and their associated processes

Business management experience
Experienced member of senior executive teams; used to managing high level relationships with directors of main business units. Responsible for maintenance of strategic relationships with managing directors of businesses to ensure that IT service meets business requirements. Currently working as a Director of a software vendor, directing and managing a team of a team of around 120 pre-sales and post sales consultants.

Management and direction of IT departments
Managed IT functions ranging in size from 100 to 500 staff; responsible for directing Development, Service delivery (Operations), Technology, Communications, and Architecture Groups with associated budgets. Experience of organisational design/reorganisation to improve efficiency and streamline processes with focus on increasing internal, and therefore external, customer satisfaction

Development and implementation of strategy
Responsible for formulation and execution of IT strategy covering design and development of integrated systems to support the range of distribution channels for branches, including estate agents, financial advisors, subsidiary companies and the internet; analysis of sourcing options leading to, in one instance, outsourcing of the IT operations and networks to IBM and BT respectively, and in another instance the transfer of the IT and administrative functions to a newly formed joint venture company

Outsourcing and supplier relationship management
Track record in major outsourcing arrangements for a variety of IT functions. Managed relationships with suppliers such as IBM, UNISYS, ICL, Microsoft, and BT; carried out contract negotiations and subsequent management of service provided by a variety of outsourcers including Cap Gemini, IBM, BT, and Cable & Wireless. Extensive experience of managing and building relationships with professional advisors including auditors and management consultants.

Post merger rationalisation experience
Major role in the formulation of the strategy for, and project management of, corporate and IT integration of two companies of similar size and profile with differing corporate cultures and IT platforms.

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